Saturday, August 12, 2017

Wizard Kraft Dry River Beds

Right on schedule, just a few days before I was due to depart for Historicon, William sent me a bunch of  the "Dry River Beds with Desert Flocking" from the Kickstarter, which I was hoping to use (and did!) with my Chariot bash  Saturday night at Historicon.

Here's part of the set on an incongruously green cloth.

The texturing of the beds is really nice. 

The surface I'm displaying them, on isn't perfectly flat, which accounts for the minor mismatches at some of the joins, not the product itself!

Here's more pieces on a different background cloth. 

I didn't reuse any pieces from the first picture on this one. One section has rocks on the bank. 

This set would work well as a waddi in Africa, or a gulch in the American Southwest.

Still more pieces on a third type of cloth. 

You can get sections with pools, with either blue water or muddy water. 

Almost every piece is unique!

Close up of the "swamp"; the flock on the inner portion looks to be short static grass. 

"Midnight at the Oasis?"

All; in all I received 6 x 12" pieces (4 straight, 2 curved), 1 each 2" and 8" straight, 1 "Y", 10 4" angles, 8 6" angles, 1 Swamp, and 2 ends - quite a lot of terrain!  There is still quite a bit yet to come from the rest of my Kickstarter pledge, too!

Note that Wizard Kraft is not accepting new orders until William fulfills all of his obligations from the Kickstarter, which he hopes to do within the month. 


  1. Looking good, Peter! I have yet to give mine a run out on the gaming table.

    1. Well, I would say they are overdue for some table time, then!

  2. They do look great Peter, especially on the table in your chariot game.

    1. Thanks, Lawrence; I agree they look best as they are meant to, on the table with figures in place!

  3. Can never have too many rivers, nice!

    1. When I get the rest of the KS pledge, I may be near "too many", LOL!

  4. Really nice looking rivers.
    Best Iain